Lag Putting

Lag Putting

When I play with my students I often notice they loose a lot of strokes on the Green. Where they miss varies a lot dependent on their handicap. Lag putting might be the greatest issue with highhandicappers and average , they tend to putt inconsistent from longer distances, say from 8 to 10 meters and above.

I think this comes from bad practice. Lag Putting can be hard but will be easier if You practice the right way. One mistake I often see is that golfers often hit several putts from the same distance. This will only help You hit the next putt better the the one before. This is a chance You never get on the course. So you have to practice like you play.

When practice lag putting never hit two putts in a row from the same distance. There are many ways to prectice this but this video shows you how I do. And the people who played with me can tell you that I rarely putt more than twice.

In this video I put tee’s to mark my target around the hole, and like in this video you don’t even need a hole to practice. Since the goal of a distance putt is to be close to the hole. I set up three tee’s from three different distances from my target. in this case, 6,9 and 12 meters. Look at the video to see how I do.

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